Essentials to buy:

Weight Belt: SCHIEK LIFTING BELT- amazon

Weighted belts are great to wear when lifting because it reduces the amount of weight on your waist. Preventing weight being applied to your waist will help keep your waistline small. It also protects your back during the exercise when lifting for legs. Wear the belt around your belly button, the small part of your waist.

Grips: Versa Gripps - amazon

Grips are great to use for certain back exercises, for example, a supinated grip row or Standing T-bar row. Basically any back movement where you feel your foreams pulling the weight instead of your back. You also need them during certain leg exercises like Romain Dead Lifts.

Ball to roll out glutes: THE ORB – amazon

This is needed because your glutes will get extremely tight with working them, especially if you are lifting three times a week. If your glutes are too tight then it is hard to grow them because your muscle fibers are too bunch up. I roll out my glutes 10 minutes every day. One side for 5 minutes and the other side for 5 minutes. Click Here

Squat Sponge - amazon

This is needed for glute bridges!! You can also use a yoga matt, but a squat sponge is best.

Posing Heels - amazon

Women’s Fabulicious Elegant 408 Clear/Silver Chrome – amazon
Needs to be clear straps, between 3 inches – 5 inches, There can be jewels on the heel part (silver). Buy a half size down then you would normally for heels. I wear a 7 ½ but I wear 7 posing heels. There are not half sizes sold.


Charming Charlies is a great place for cheap/nice Jewelry. Also: Competition Suit Designer: Suit Yourself Posing Suits, Laura Richads, 970-217-2428, has beautiful stage jewelry as well.

Bands for working out legs - amazon

VICTOREM Hip Band & NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Band Set (to get a variety of different resistance bands) – get through amazon

Resistance bands are intended to be used as part of a physical exercise program to add an extra resistance challenge to your movements. By positioning the band to provide stretch resistance against the particular movement you are performing, you can get added loading on your muscles. This means more drastic strengthening and toning results in a shorter timeframe. These type of bands are also one of my top recommendations when learning how to activate your glutes properly . You’ll also nearly definitely want to invest in some bands if you are just starting out, because they are an excellent tool for helping you to learn how to establish a solid mind-muscle connection with your glutes (which anyone who wants to build a better butt through exercise absolutely must master).


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If you want help deciding what supplements to have then Click here to fill out this form before ordering; & I will suggest what products)

Most used products for bodybuilding

(What I currently take during competition prep)

  • Lean body sculpting System: Fat burner, Trim (CLA-speeds up fat oxidation) & Activate Detox (3 day detox to ignite digestive energy)
  • Adult Mulitvitamin
  • Fiber
  • Omega
  • Probiotic
  • Protein
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Liquid Bio cell (sport) (Branch chain Amino acids)

Sarms supplements= Fit Republic

What is SARMs? I wrote an article about SARMs, please give it a read and see if it fits you!). SARMs have similar properties to anabolic agents, but with reduced androgenic properties because of the selective activation due to their biochemical structure that was created in the lab. The biochemical structure causes the selectivity of the compound to be very picky on what it binds to in the body; therefore it does not damage the liver, kidneys, or prostate. SARMs only binds to muscle tissues; therefore increasing protein synthesis to increase muscle mass.

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At least 6 months before your competition. Get a solid posing routine down with a coach and practice it every day for at least 10 minutes (in your heels). You must make it muscle memory, so you can focus on putting personality into your routine when you are on stage. It takes time to put together the full package.

• posing coaches for men’s bodybuilding & classic physique: Ryan Baker (, Dorian Haywood (720-633-4249)

posing coaches for men’s physique: Joel Griffin (

posing coaches for women’s figure: Megan Rodriguez (720-318-6649) & Tamika Irvin (

• posing coaches for women’s physique: Heather Grace (720-225-7570)

Steady state works your slow muscle fibers and hit cardio works your fast twitch muscle fibers. I recommend doing a combination of both. Everyone is different when it comes to the amount. I currently do twice a week Hit cardio and twice a week on a bike for 45 mins at a constant pace. You must find the perfect combination that keeps you lean but does not cause you to lose your muscle. Click Here

Do your own research!! I stay away from nuts, red meat, wheat, artificial flavoring. Everyone has their own sensitivity to certain foods. I recommend creating a food log and find out what foods agree with you. Click here

Squeems are very hardcore…you can go that route, but I believe its only a temporary shift of your water. If you want a small waist, then I recommend wearing your weight belt during every lift to prevent weight on your waist which in turn will widen it. Vacuums are another great exercise to do every day to maintain a small waist line. Click Here

I do 10 sets of 12 second holds of each vacuum style exercise:

It depends on how symmetrical you are. Also, how much muscle you need to grow or make smaller to obtain the bikini physique. Most bikini competitors will train legs 2 to 3 times a week, back once, shoulders twice, arms once. That is 5 to 6 days of lifting weights.

It depends on your metabolism. Which depends on how much you are currently eating and exercising. I recommend getting your resting metabolic rate measured. This will give you the exact number of calories one should intake to get to their desired weight.

Yes, I did it on my own for 4 years and it limited my success. I did well, but I could have done better with knowledge of important tricks during prep. For example, how to do a Peak Week (the week before the show). If you want to succeed quickly with putting in the right amount of work, then you need science and someone with experience to deliver that. There are many contest prep coaches available in Colorado. You must find the perfect balance of diet, lifting weights and cardio to obtain your desired physique.

I did not participate in a national show until I won 4 amateur shows. You must be the best in your area to have a shot of getting your pro card. You are competing against women who have won 1st just like you. It is 300 dollars for an entry in a national show and you usually have to travel for them.

Some amateur shows allow the top 5 in the OPEN division. Others only allow the top 3 in the OPEN division. It depends on the show, which is listed on the website for sign up. It only counts in the OPEN division, it does not count in the novice division.

It depends on your goals and metabolism. If you want your pro card, then I would suggest doing at least 3 amateur shows, and do not go to the national level unless you win an overall title.

First time ever novice, novice class (based on height), Open class (based on height), master’s class (35 & up; categories based on age brackets).

You cannot compete in first time novice if you are not a new competitor. You can not compete in your Novice class if you won the Novice overall previously.