Macro Diet Plan= $25 dollars

Macros refer to the three macronutrients that make up the foods we eat: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. The idea behind macros dieting is pretty simple: Instead of focusing on eating a certain number of calories, you focus on getting a certain number of macronutrients. I macro diet in my off season. It allows me to have a variety of food and not gain weight!

Booty Workouts: 3 day Split Glute Training Program= $25

Customized Workout Program= 1-month plan for $100

Each workout program will be extremely detailed which allows you to perform the workouts on your own. You can email, text or call me if you have any questions about the exercises. I am your support system and there is no dumb question! The workout program will have different workouts on each day. The exercises will be listed, amount of repetitions and sets of each exercise, tempo, and tips on correct form to maximize each exercise. I specialize in biomechanics. Proper technique is crucial to reach your full potential in each exercise.

You must fill out form & email three check in photos (front/back/side) with purchase: workout program will be delivered to you within a week.

Fit-abulous Membership: Nutrition Plan (created by a Registered Dietitian) + Workout Program, check in every 2 weeks, diet will change every 4- 6 weeks

-Show prep for 3 months: $450 ($150 per month)

-Show prep for 6 months: $600 ($100 per month)

-Weight loss nutrition for 6 months: $600 ($100 per month)

-Weight loss nutrition for 12 months: $900 ($75 per month)

-Workout program will change every 4-6 weeks (workout program is included with nutrition)

You must fill out form & email check in photos (front,back,side) with purchase. Check ins and measurements are sent through email to

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